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About Us
Classic Living is a showroom shop selling the stock items from the Hilton boutique of the same name which shut down in 2013.
Housed in the previous living-room of a lovely neo-classical house at 18 Byron Avenue, Nicosia, the showroom offers relaxed shopping of stylish London clothes and accessories in a pleasant atmosphere at prices around half to one-third of London’s.

The items on sale are mostly perfects of Aquascutum, Burberry and Penrose, but occasional shop-soiled or damaged goods are made available at minimal prices.
Burberry and Aquascutum are known to their wearers as superb quality timeless styles which look as fashionable new as they do after wearing for 20 years. Today’s raincoats look very much like the one worn by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Some of our raincoats have removable linings with the classical check designs, ideal for changeable climates.

Many clothes on display are one-offs. Others are available in varying colours and sizes. Accessories like handbags, purses, ties, scarves, cufflinks and so on are mostly unique and will not be repeated once sold.

Classic Living is an ideal gift shop with a large range on offer, but it is impossible to show everything on this website’s photos. As we do not sell on line, we invite you to come for a browse and to feel the wonderful qualities of pure silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere. The lustrous colours and wonderful cloth feel cannot be described in photographs alone.

The famous mens and womens clothing plus handbags, accessories, and over 300 ties in stock,made in England and other European countries. Knitwear is a speciality , with original designs knitted in pure wools and cashmeres.

Selected clothing left from previous years, these items are originals in the finest fabrics, with a good range of mens’ and womens’ jackets, mainly one-off  

For the discerning gentleman, Penrose offers unique shirts, ties, and cufflinks Made in England only. It is very unlikely to find a second person wearing the same model. The fine silks and cottons are the very best offered on the Cyprus market.
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